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Hey, gang, I need your help! I'm writing an article about job-hunting advice for recent college graduates. If you or anyone you know has recently gotten their bachelor's (say, since May 2009), please answer the following questions either here or e-mail me at by Sunday. Anything you submit may be used in a nationwide article. Don't forget to include your real first and last name and where you're from. Comments are screened. Cheers!

1) What do you wish someone would've have told you about the post-college job hunt? What advice have you received?

2) What resources, if any, have you used to aid in your search?

3) If you have found a job since your graduation in May 2009 or beyond, how did you find it? Is it temp, freelance, part time or full time? Is it in your preferred field, or do you feel it's a "starter" job? How long did it take you to find this position?

4) If you have been turned down from a job since graduating, did the employer give any nonpersonal reasons, such as needing a master's degree instead of a bachelor's? Please specify.

5) If you are unemployed and job searching, please detail your situation (living arrangements, how many hours per day you spend job searching, how many interviews you've gone on, etc.)

Thank you for your participation!


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