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Guys, they're here!!!!! My band, Pistachio Novella, has just released its two official singles: Tour de France and The Laughter! Streams are free, but if you'd be so generous and have a dollar lying around, please download them, too! It goes to a good cause: me! ;)

Also, our videos are up!

I would be SO SO grateful if you all could repost these to your Twitters, Facebooks, Tumblrs and LJs, please. Also, please Like Pistachio Novella on Facebook!

Thank you all SO much for your continued support. :)
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In order to remedy my pissy mood, I drove to Venice Beach.

Which was all well and good, except it was super windy. After getting sandblasted, I went home dejected. Showered, made a sandwich (at least that was good!) and thankfully the universe heard my bitching cos Sara texted me, inviting me to a free meal at Red Medicine. OK, in a somewhat better mood now.

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Another reason I really like working for Jessie:

She gives me SIGNED GREEN DAY MERCHANDISE. Her roommate is a tech for the band. Holy shit!!!! Needless to say, it was a good day at work. :)

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Guys. I am beyond excited to present to you my band, Pistachio Novella's, first official recording!!!! Originals are to come in the near future, but until then, please enjoy and spread the word. We're working on a Facebook page and all that good stuff, too.

Ahhhhh, I feel like I just gave birth to the most beautiful baby ever. :)
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Just a quickie that's what he said:

Waiting in the airport parking lot to pick up my sister, who just flew in from NYC! I had a power outage at my place this morning, but it was retired within a few hours.

Well, it's off to Palm Springs to visit the parents. A very Merry Christmas to you all!

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It's BEST OF 2012 TIME!!!! My annual music, film and TV bests won't be posted at PhantEye until Monday, so you guys are getting a sneak peek treat! Feel free to steal this survey for your own bests!



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snagged from [ profile] space_dementia6

RELATE ME! When you think of me, what is the first thing that pops into your mind related to me in the following 10 categories:

TV Show:
Other LJ user:
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Hey, gang, I need your help! I'm writing an article about job-hunting advice for recent college graduates. If you or anyone you know has recently gotten their bachelor's (say, since May 2009), please answer the following questions either here or e-mail me at by Sunday. Anything you submit may be used in a nationwide article. Don't forget to include your real first and last name and where you're from. Comments are screened. Cheers!

1) What do you wish someone would've have told you about the post-college job hunt? What advice have you received?

2) What resources, if any, have you used to aid in your search?

3) If you have found a job since your graduation in May 2009 or beyond, how did you find it? Is it temp, freelance, part time or full time? Is it in your preferred field, or do you feel it's a "starter" job? How long did it take you to find this position?

4) If you have been turned down from a job since graduating, did the employer give any nonpersonal reasons, such as needing a master's degree instead of a bachelor's? Please specify.

5) If you are unemployed and job searching, please detail your situation (living arrangements, how many hours per day you spend job searching, how many interviews you've gone on, etc.)

Thank you for your participation!
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I am very, very pleased to announce that my music blog,, is now up and running! PLEASE check it out, add it on your RSS feeds, and make friends with it at the following websites:

MySpace Radio Station

I am one happy bunny! It's still a work in progress, but, you guys, I HAVE A PROFESSIONAL BLOG. MY DREAMS ARE COMING TRUE.

Aaaaaaand I'm seeing Black Rebel Motorcycle in concert again tonight. IT'S ALL HAPPENING!
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